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Circular Economy Standard and Certification

A circular economy is an economic system that responds to global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution. This is a framework of three principles, guided by design, ie. Remove waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and replenish natural systems. The circular economy is a concept that relies more and more on renewable energy and materials. It is an economic model that is resilient, distributed, diversified and inclusive. Founded on these principles, ICE&SDGs designed Circular Economy Standard and Certification system to certify the Circular Products, Circular Offices (Buildings), Circular Organizations and Circular SMEs.

Circular Economy Standard and Certification  program is designed in collaboration with Vascobel, Belgium; Sanshodhan, India; F Studio, Vienna; EAN University, Columbia, South America and supported by International Alliance on Circular Economy and SDGs (IAoCE&SDGs), and State Government of Telangana, India. 

Circular economy certification for businesses, offices, organizations and SMEs is a two-step process. The certification of the circular product is a single-stage, data-driven process.

STAGE-1: The client is presented with ‘Zero Waste Certification’ after meeting certain criteria defined as Stage-1.  


      • Zero Waste Businesses
      • Zero Waste Office 
      • Zero Waste Organisation 

STAGE-2: The node is provided with guidance and support to progress ahead to achieve the criteria for circularity. The certification applies to Circular Products, Circular Offices/Organizations, Circular Businesses (large scale) and Circular SME.   


  • Circular Product
  • Circular Offices /Organizations 
  • Circular Businesses
  • Circular SMEs


In accordance with the criteria established in the Circular Economy Standard, the achievement of the circular economy can be recognized at three different levels.

  1. Circular Economy Universe+  : PLATINUM
  2. Circular Economy Earth+         : GOLD
  3. Circular Economy Nation+      : SILVER
  4. Circular Product Certification (for products)


  • Top-5 Zero Waste Certified Business/ Office/ Organizations are recognized in social media, through a large-scale awareness campaign (free) for one month by ICE&SDGs.
  • The top 10 circular products/offices/organizations/SMEs /large Businesses are recognized and awarded by the Telangana State Government on an annual basis.

Companies, offices, governing bodies, and SMEs can apply for Zero Waste certification or/and Circular Economy certification. Circular Products is eligible to apply for the Circular Product Certification.  

For additional information, please contact [email protected]

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