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ICE&SDGs offers world-class advisory, training, and capacity-building services for companies, conglomerates, and multinationals. Team members of ICE&SDGs are alumni of Humboldt University, Oxford University, Columbia University, XLRI, ISB, etc., and are world-renowned for the design and development of circular economic models. ICE&SDGs is the destination for your businesses to achieve high-impact benefits in the following areas and related avenues.


International experts from the ICE&SDGs team have extensive experience in the circular economy, efficient use of resources, Climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, and environmental impact assessment (ESG). 

The team members at ICE&SDGs have been the advisor to the State Government of Telangana, Odisha, Punjab, collaborated with embassies, implemented sustainability projects for industries >40 industries (chemical, paper, sugar), and worked in collaboration with various international organizations like The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), GIZ, Shakti Foundation, UNIDO and more.


The ICE&SDGs squad has trained >2000 government officials and professionals, on climate change, carbon markets, greenhouse gas accounting, low carbon development pathway, eco-innovation, and on implementation of the circular economy. 

Expertise in all aspects of sustainable development is the rare trait possessed by ICE&SDGs and distinguishes us as a single organization, the first choice of world-class companies. 


Circular products and business models help industries save natural resources, time and money. Innovative ICE&SDGs models, combined with best circularity practices, help our clients successfully implement circular business models and enable them to secure the future of their business. 


Digital standards and systems are in vogue worldwide, including in Europe. Digital-standard and systems designed by ICE&SDGs support conglomerates to ease out the transition from linear to a circular economy, and enable the large business houses to establish effective systems across their offices & operations, to achieve long term environmental, social and economic gains. 

Such innovative models designed by the team members of ICE&SDGs, have achieved international recognition from the organizations like Responsible Finance and Investment, United Kingdom; DDCAP Abu Dhabi; and World Economic Forum, Davos.


ICE&SDGs, the dependable organization, guide and handhold its clients, provide end-to-end solutions for the transition from linear to circular economy. Such transitions is enabled through:

  • Advisory Services for Implementation of Circular Economy (CE),
  • Training & Capacity Building on Circular Economy,
  • R&D Projects and Development Projects for Implementation of Circular Economy, Innovative CE Business Models,
  • Design, Development, and Implementation of Large Scale, High Impact Sustainability Campaigns,
  • Advice Businesses for Design & Development of Circular Products,
  • Collaborate with Businesses and Organizations Keen to Design Circular Business Model,
  • Design & Implement Unique Digital Circular Economy System – For Implementation of Circular Economy, Across Various Offices/ Units of Conglomerate or MNCs (client).
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